5 Great Flowers For Brown Thumbs

Summer gardening can be difficult, especially when the Southern heat sabotages your plants' growth at every turn. If you're an amateur gardener (or, a great gardener in need of recommendations!), Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender suggests these five easy plants that will thrive in the warmth and impress your neighbors. As an added bonus, these flowers are also great for attracting butterflies.


Have you been outside lately? It's horrible out there. I mean, it's hot, it's humid. So you might be thinking, well, I want the front of my door, and I want my house, I want it to be pretty, I want to have lots of flowers, but I'm not an expert. What flowers could I possible plant right now They're gonna live and not embarrass me when they dine in front of the neighbors. Well, I'm gonna give you five easy flowers that really like the summer heat. The first one is something called a Dragon Wing Begonia. It will bloom continuously all summer long and look great. [MUSIC] It's great in a container. It's also great in a solid boarder. The only thing you have to remember about this plant is it likes to have a little shade in the hottest part of the day. But other than that it's a real easy plant to grow and will bloom all summer long. Second plant is the old fashioned Zinnia. They will give you week after week of beautiful flowers in all sorts of colors that you can cut and take indoors and they're a great flower for butterflies. So try some Zinnia's. Number three Is one called angelonia. They love the heat. They will bloom as long it stays warm. And all they need is lots of sun. They don't need a lot of water. Plant number 4, it's called pentas. And again, this is a flower as long as it stays hot. it's gonna bloom absolutely nonstop from the time you plant it all the way to the frost. And butterflies love this flower so if you like butterflies, you like lots of constant color. Try some pentiss. Flower number five, Lantana. It comes in lots of different colors. It can be yellow, it can be orange, it can be red, it can be white. It can have two different colors in the same flower. It loves heat. It loves sun. It likes good drainage but once you put this stuff in the ground, it's not gonna take much attention from you. So, now I've given you five great flowers that will grow for you In a hot summer time without a lot of care. You don't need a PhD in horticulture to grow them. If you can read a plant label without moving your lips, you can succeed.
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