Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

James Farmer shows us how to put together an easy fall broom badge for your front door and an elegant pumpkin table topper.


Pumpkins and mums, they're the classic fall decor. And, it's because they work. But how do you kick up that classic combination one notch? Well, you take things from your garden. Like Salvia and sedum. Get some dried hydrangea. You wire them together, like two bouquets and then you put those two bouquets together on a fun broom. Attach it to your door and you've got your creation for a wonderful fall entrance, right from the pages of Southern Living. [MUSIC] chartreuse sedums planted in a big tray. This is one way ,to get a wonderful table scape, for your fall southern garden. After, you've planted the succulent suseadons in some sand, then you can use pots to give your pumpkins some lift. Those pots will let those pumpkins peek right out of this wonderful tableau. These hues, these colors, these shades all reminiscent of fall. It's classic. It's traditional, but with a twist. And then, what's great about these, is you can use them year round in the southern part. So, in the summertime, you can do something like watermelons or cantaloupe. For this southern garden, chocolate pumpkins, succulents. These chartreuse sedums. Doesn't get any better than this. [MUSIC]
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