Easygoing Houseplants

You don't need a green thumb to grow these beauties.

Gene B. Bussell
Easygoing Houseplants
Pothos may be the easiest of all houseplants.

Warm your spirits during the cold days of winter with an assortment of carefree plants. Their leaves come in every imaginable shape and color, and many plants boast blossoms that can accent any room. Thoughtful placement and a little bit of love are all you need to have a bright indoor garden.

Follow the Light
One of the best ways to be successful with houseplants is to give them light conditions they prefer. This isn't hard because most can grow in a range of situations. Remember, as the seasons change, so does the light. You may need to adjust the locations of your houseplants during the year. Most do not prefer direct light. Near a window, they get bright, indirect light. Farther into a room plants receive moderate light that can be supplemented with artificial sources. Away from all windows and lamps, plants are in low light. Match your plants to the conditions in which they will grow best.