Creating a Garden Getaway

No backyard retreat is complete until there's a spot to sit and enjoy it all.
Glenn R. DiNella
Creating a Garden Getaway
The gazebo is the crowning touch of this backyard makeover, which also includes a goldfish pond and brick steps leading up to the house.
Celia Deaton

Everything in its Place

Deciding on just the right spot to put your gazebo is every bit as important as selecting its style. So before you start construction, take a few minutes to consider the needs of your family and your landscape.


  • Up close and personal--Building a gazebo near the home is a nice way to ease the transition between house and garden. Its convenience makes it a popular spot during parties or for family meals. When built on a deck or patio, it is an accessible outdoor place for elderly or disabled homeowners.
  • In the middle--When placed in the center of the yard or garden, a gazebo becomes a respite from the summer sun and might even offer a view in every direction. It's far enough away from the home to provide a quick escape and close enough to be convenient.
  • In the distance--When placed at the far end of the property, a gazebo makes a peaceful haven from hectic home life. If you have a large lot and don't seem to utilize the back of the property, placing an inviting structure at the far end can draw you out and make your garden live larger.

"Creating a Garden Getaway" is from the July 2003 issue of Southern Living.