No-Fail Formula for Containers

Great-looking containers may seem complicated, but not if you use our fail-proof secret to simplify the process.


If you all are new to gardening, I'm gonna give you some ideas to get you started. And eliminate the fear factor. [MUSIC] The first is to really start small. Just plant some green herbs that you love to eat. It's as simple as that. I love to use fresh parsley in salads and in omelets. We've got rosemary, chives, thyme, and oregano. But, you can do any combination of plants. As long as you just follow the basic rule of taller things in the back, shorter things in the front. It's gonna be much prettier if something spills over the front edge of that container. And a quick word about watering. You don't wanna let your container dry out. And be sure that if you wanna keep it in your windowsill, they're gonna require a lot more care on your part. They're really happiest outside on a doorstep. And as you can see, this would be really beautiful on a ledge. Or even sitting on a chair right outside of your door. And if you're ready to graduate from herbs to flowers, I'm gonna give you the Southern Living secret to amazing containers. [MUSIC] When you're shopping for flowers, there's three things you need to remember. Thriller, filler, and spiller. That's the secret to a great container. You can never go wrong, if you think about those three words when you're in the store looking for flowers. This container contains the thriller, which it is the salvia. It's gonna grow very tall as, as the summer progresses. You're gonna have these tall dramatic purple spikes. And it's going to be your focal point for the pot. The filler are these geraniums. Which have a very dense leaf that fills in the container around the base of the salvia. And below that, we have our spiller. Which are these million bells, named for the millions of the beautiful purple flowers that you see here. Those are gonna be your three components that form your perfect pot every time. [MUSIC] The hottest thing in gardening right now, succulents. These are easy and forgiving plants to grow. In this container, we have our thriller. Which is the tall aonium you see here, with a purple tinged leaf. It's gonna get a lot taller than you see here, as the summer goes on. Then we have our filler, which is this incredible plant called ecovera. It's like the broach in the pot. It's a very hearty plant, and it's surrounded by our spiller. Which is a variety of sedum, that are gonna trail a lot more than you see here, as it grows throughout the summer. Couple of things to remember about these. You can grow them inside in a bright windowsill. And without too much trouble. They're gonna prefer to be outside. And they'll be happiest if they're in part sun to full sun. And remember, they don't like to be wet for too long. But you do wanna keep them watered. And they'll be fine if they dry out a bit between waterings. If you travel, or are away on weekends, this is the perfect thing to grow. Because they're pretty forgiving plants. For hundreds of container ideas and tons of inspiration, be sure to check out Southern Living.
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