Carve Out a "Mumkin"

Photo: Hector Sanchez
What do you get when you combine the fun of a pumpkin with the beauty of a mum? A "mumkin," of course! Fill smaller gourds with containers of pansies to create a trio of trusty sidekicks. | Story by Libby Monteith Minor

The Big Idea Create a container using a pumpkin filled with mums.

The Materials Large and small pumpkins, a magenta mum, and ornamental kale tinged in purple

The How-To

1. Choose a pumpkin slightly smaller than the mum (or kale) you want to put in it.

2. Hollow out the pumpkin with a knife; discard seeds.

3. Tuck the plant (still in its original pot) inside the hole. Remove the pot to water.

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