Top 5 Bargain Blooms

Plant these budget-friendly blooms for color all summer long.

Gerbera Daisy
These cheery blooms make great cut flowers; plant needs excellent drainage and full sun to partial shade. Grows up to 1 1⁄2 feet tall.

This member of the mint family is both heat and drought tolerant. Best in full sun. Can grow over 4 feet tall, depending on species. After the first year, prune back by half in July.

Shasta Daisy 
A must for the sunny border. ‘Becky’ is a favorite Southern pass-along. After a few years divide clumps and share with friends. Deadhead to promote continued bloom.

Sweet Potato Vine
Expect mounds of bright color from a single plant until frost. Trim with scissors to shape if the plants grow over their bounds.

Great for beginners. Plant in broad sweeps. Protection from hot, late-afternoon sun is best. Keep blooms coming all season long by deadheading.

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