Enjoying Your Antique China

Take it out and use it—you heard it from the experts at Antiques Roadshow! Find out what else Suzanne Perault of the Rago Arts & Auction has to say about enjoying china.


Looking for a China is not something that I hear often, like never. You are sort of like giving China, China happens to you. It's not like you go out there and shop for China. People getting married sometimes will go and maybe buy a new set of China. I bet it's usually something that will go in the dishwasher and in the microwave oven. Searching for China as a collectable is a dying part. It's pretty much wherever it is that you like, that you want to buy, is going to be less expensive today than it was 10 years ago or 20 years ago. Unless you are buying a set of hand painted minting that was done in 1850, decorated in [unk] by some little guy who went blind-short of that. There's no value that is so great that you just can't use it and I think you can get so much pleasure out of it. So you by yourself a fish plate, a fisher platter with little plates so you buy yourself oyster plates which were also worth a whole lot of money back then and not now. If you like eating oysters get yourself a nice set of oyster plates and eat off of them. If you like giving a dinner party, setting it up with beautiful wares will really add to the success of your event and it's just not worth keeping it. We've been [unk] all of these in China cabinets, there's no need to do that anymore. Just take it out and use it.
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