Easy DIY Sunflower Wreath

Give guests a cheery welcome with this easy sunflower wreath. We'll show you how.


The front door is the first thing guests see when visiting your home. An elegant wreath can really impress and make guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive. Here's how to make an incredibly simple sunflower wreath that will brighten up your home's entrance. All you need is a floral form wreath, moss, silver dollar eucalyptus U-pins, and some sunflowers. First you'll want to soak your wreath in water for about an hour. This will keep the greenery looking fresh longer. Next, add the moss to completely cover the front of the wreath, using pins as needed. Cover the sides as well so no foam shows through for a more natural look. Then, add your Eucalyptus. Pin the sprigs so that they curve with the reed, leaving space for the moss to show through. Now it's time for the sunflowers, cut the stems about an inch from the flower, removing any excess leaves. Stick the stem directly into the Fern wreath securing with pins. Fresh sunflowers make the wreath pop but don't be afraid to let them dry out for a year round decorative piece. It'll add warmth to any space. For more crafts visit southernliving.com [MUSIC]
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