Marble Countertop

See Editor Lindsay Bierman's beautiful white marble countertops.


When I renovated the space about 6 months ago, I didn't want it to be a period kitchen. Or a Craftsman kitchen. But I wanted it to be, a timeless space. I decided to go ahead and put in brand new marble countertops. And I love the way this Alabama white has some warm specks, warm veining going through it. But it's not too busy. It has just enough veining to look like marble. But not so much, that it becomes the focal point of the room. America is obsessed with granite. And that's okay. Cuz granite has it's very positive attributes. You can take a casserole out of the oven, put it directly on the countertop. And I think you can even cut on granite. My problem with the granite, was that it creates a really busy pattern in the room. And it tends to make a space look a little choppy. And I think, if you're gonna use granite. I would highly recommend looking at sort of the honed black granite. Which looks great with dark cabinetry. And it's very practical, and functional and beautiful. You might have heard that anything acidic like tomatoes or lemons. Puts a stain or what they call an etching on the surface of marble. That's actually not really true. Because everything, stains marble. If I put a mar, if I put a glass of water on this surface, within two minutes, it will leave a mark. So the first one will kill you, it'll make you crazy. But once, once that happens, it gets much easier. Because that's the whole point. If you think about all of the marble counter tops all over Europe. And how beautiful they are after centuries of use. It just gets better over time. It was really hard for me. But I'm, have embraced the imperfections that are appearing over the surface, over time. And they become memories of good parties, and good times in this kitchen. The other thing about marble is, people are always wondering about should I hone them, or should I leave them shiny? I would recommend that if you have a full-time housekeeper, you are Obsessive-Compulsive. And you have no children in the house. Then you should definitely have shiny, marble counter tops. Otherwise, you really need to go with honed. Cuz honing is a process that takes the shine off of the counters. And it actually is better for that process of aging that I just, just described.
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