How To Update a Classic Color Combination

The trick to making a familiar palette feel fresh and new is to create contrast!

Article: Phoebe Howard
How To Update a Classic Color Combination
Photo: J. Savage Gibson

1. Paint the Walls White
Crisp walls provide a sharp background to blue upholstery and wood frames. I think blue and white furnishings always look fresh against white. Using white also expands the perimeter of the room.

2. Mix Hues and Minimize Pattern.
All of the blues in a room don't have to match. I love mixing turquoise with royal blue. To make a room feel less fussy, choose lots of solid fabrics and limit patterns.

3. Use Bold Accessories.
A geometric flat weave is more casual and youthful than a heavy Oriental or wool rug. I like to balance a graphic rug with a large piece of modern art framed in a simple white gallery frame. Finish with blue glass lamps or a pretty bowl to add sparkle and dimension.