Laurey W. Glen

Decorating isn't complicated (we swear). It can be as simple as picking a pair of relaxing colors.

Amy Bickers Mercer

Some couples just seem made for each other. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Homer and Marge Simpson, George Clooney and me. (Okay, two of these examples--I won't say which--may be fictional.)

Another dream duo: chocolate brown and pale blue. This Orlando guest room perfectly pairs the two.

Blue Crush
When designer Catherine Sands came onto this project, she decided to work with the existing wall color. For a similar look, try Starlit Blue by Pratt & Lambert or Grand Rapids by Benjamin Moore. Both are dusky versions that avoid the saccharin sweetness of baby boy blue. Another option: Powder Blue 3 from the Laura Ashley Home Collection by Valspar, available at Lowe's.

Graphic Punch
The bedding, covered in brown circles, adds a mod touch to the traditional room. Catherine pulled in more brown with an upholstered headboard. She used the same cotton fabric to customize two mail-order lampshades. Above the bed, a sunburst mirror repeats the circle shape of the bedding pattern but with added flair. Hint: If you have a rectangular headboard, hang something round or oval above it to soften the angles.

Breathing Room
The best color combinations work because they don't take up all the space in the room. Here, white and black accents keep the blue and brown pairing from being too much of a good thing. The white bedside lamps, vases, and throw pillows and a dark chest of drawers keep this power couple on the right track.


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