The Modern Family Kitchen

Designer Amie Corley overhauls this 1970s space, giving it mid-century coolness with vibrant color and hip details.


I'm Jessica Thestin, executive editor of Southern Living. When you're redecorating your kitchen, it's important to be bold with color. This kitchen was very typical suburban kitchen with lots of builders beige brown. It's very very blah. And now it's enlivened with color. All different shades of blue, aqua, navy. It's a bold, wonderful use of color. [MUSIC] I'm so inspired by the cabinets in this kitchen. I just love this aqua color. It's so fresh and vibrant. [MUSIC] The cool thing also in this kitchen is these cabinets have a really interesting detail. It's almost a bamboo edge that outlines each edge. It's really something special that makes them look different and unique. And they look custom, even though they're not. [MUSIC] A large bank of windows provides tons of natural light and keeps things really open and airy. But it's a little bit tricky when you're designing a kitchen, because there's not as much free wall space for cabinetry. So the designer in this kitchen really was able to utilize two big wall spaces on each end for floor to ceiling cabinets to pack in as much storage as possible. [MUSIC] Extending open shelves over the fronts of the windows was a really smart use of space. And also a great way to display favorite dishes and pretty pottery. The two pendants are so much fun. They have a great brass color to them, and the white globes, they're just really beautiful in this space. And they're made by Georgia based Circle Lighting. [MUSIC] The island in this kitchen really anchors this space. It's got a vibrant blue color on the base, and is topped with three inch thick white marble. It's a great slab of marble that's beautiful. And it also has the sink and space for dining. It's just a great multipurpose island. [MUSIC] There are two different type of cabinetry hardware in this kitchen, which is a really nice idea. On the main cabinets there's just a much more contemporary stainless steel pull. And then on the island the designer chose some really interesting almost Asian inspired pulls. It almost makes that island feel like a piece of free standing furniture. [MUSIC] Previously this kitchen had old tile floors, very dated look. There's new wood floors now that are walnut. They look very fresh and modern. [MUSIC] The homeowner of this kitchen requested a little, tiny desk area to stand with laptop and search for recipes online. A little, tiny sliver of a space was carved out for just a standing desk, and it's the perfect spot. [MUSIC] I love the paint colors in this kitchen. The aqua color is Kensington Green by Benjamin Moore. And that island is a great shade called Bermuda Turquoise, also by Benjamin Moore. [MUSIC] This is such a happy kitchen. I love it when homeowners are so brave and bold with color. Check out Southern Living for more kitchen makeovers and design inspiration.
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