Using Large Pieces of Fabric

Our home editor, Jennifer Kopf, shares her tips and ideas for decorating your home by using large pieces of fabric.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi. I'm Jennifer Cuff, Home Editor at Southern Living. Whether it's a bold pattern or a textured neutral, fabric is the key element in establishing the look and feel of your room. If you're starting a room from scratch, upholstery should be your beginning point. The colors and patterns you choose, help set your entire room scheme. Chairs are the perfect place to play with pattern. They offer a large enough surface to let a design shine. But don't overwhelm the room with too much of a good thing. [MUSIC] It's important to plan how the pattern is situated on your furniture piece. [MUSIC] When you are dealing with a large print you want to make sure that you are accentuating the star part of the pattern. Think of it as you would frame a picture or artwork. [MUSIC] Scared you may tire of a certain color of print. Neutral fabrics play an important role too for more expensive items such as a sofa, it's a good idea to choose a neutral covering. It can also provide a nice balance to busier looking chairs. [MUSIC] Bring in pattern and color with pillows. They are easier and a lot less expensive to replace when your tastes change. You can even alter the look of your room seasonally with just an easy change of the pillows. [MUSIC] Recovering large furniture doesn't have to be costly or a huge commitment. Sleep covers in a new fabric are a great way you can give your tired furniture a fresh look. If the cushions of your upholstery are still in good shape, it's even easier. Just choose your fabric and have a local seamstress or uhpholsterer sew your cover. [MUSIC]. A room often doesn't look finished until the curtains are hung. Window treatments are a definite focal point of a room, and ceiling to floor curtains are an ideal place to use large scale prints. Because of their size, you can get the full effect of the pattern's complete repeat. [MUSIC] Neutral curtains provide a sophisticated back drop for all the other furnishings in a room. Hang them at the ceiling and corner to corner to expand the effect of the fabric and give the windows a more dramatic look. [MUSIC] Curtains don't need to be one overall pattern. Choose a solid and then add a band of a colorful pattern. Even store bought curtains can be enhanced with the addition of your favorite fabric. [MUSIC] Fabric is a key element in defining the style and tone of a room. Use it creatively to make your home comfortable and beautiful. For more design tips, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine and visit
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