Using Small Pieces of Fabric

Our home editor, Jennifer Kopf, shares her tips and ideas for decorating your home by using small pieces of fabric.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Kopf, Home Editor at Southern Living. When you're brightening up a room or looking for creative ways to achieve a more finished look, using fabric in small ways can provide interest and make a big impact. A great way to bring pattern and color to a room, is with pillows. They're easier to experiment with and a lot less expensive to replace when your tastes change. You can even alter the look of your room seasonaly with just an easy switch of the pillows. [MUSIC] To add softness to a bedroom, try using an upholstered headboard. Many catalogs and retailers offer slip covered options in simple shapes. Or, you can have a custom headboard made for a lot less than you think. The size and shape options are endless. While you may choose premade bedding, consider having a bed skirt or sham sewn in the same, or complimentary fabric for a completed look. [MUSIC] Touches of fabric also add texture and softness to rooms normally filled with hard edges. Skirt a sink apron for a pretty detail that allows you to disguise an additional storage space. If your laundry is upstairs or in a room you walk through often. Make the area more attractive by creating a simple rod pocket curtain to hang on a tension rod underneath the counter. Try adding a skirted cover to transform a table into a prettier, functional piece. A tailored skirt will give it a more up to date look. [MUSIC] You use fabric in small unexpected places such as lamp shades, bulletin boards or stretched on canvas as art work. Fabric in craft stores offer kits and tools to help you do the project yourself. Not only will this add an interesting focal point in your room, but it's sure to get you more than one compliment on your decorating creativity. If you're really feeling daring, consider upholstering your ceiling, it's unconventional, but may be just the thing that makes your room work. This is not a DIY project, however. So, you'll probably require the help of a professional. Remember, fabrics don't have to be expensive to be beautiful. Visit fabric store's and retailer's back rooms to see what's on sale. One of the best times to shop is at the end of the season when stores are switching their merchandise. You can often find great deals on large reminants or discontinued fabrics. If you come across a fabric you love and the price is right, go ahead and buy the bolt. Using the same fabric in small doses throughout a room creates a nice cohesive look. [MUSIC] Fabric is a design element that offers endless options for making your home more comfortable and beautiful. For more design tips, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine and visit
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