Porches: Choosing Your Porch Style

Find the perfect style of porch for your home and lifestyle.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Kopf Home Editor of Southern Living. Porches are an integral part of our southern lifestyle. They invite and receive visitors. Give us places to enjoy our enviable weather. And serve as living rooms, dining rooms, and even sleeping rooms. They also give our exteriors additional personality, and can help enhance our home's architectural style. [MUSIC] Colonial revival style porches are all about thythem and symmetry. Perfectly placed columns, allow unobstructed views of the windows and door. [MUSIC] When you have a 2 story home, it's necessary to keep the pitch of the porch roof shallow enough, that it doesn't interfere with the upstairs windows. [MUSIC] On a single level home, you can vary the pitch of the porch overhang slightly to give it it's own presence. [MUSIC] Instead of a conventional roof, this cottage's front porch is covered with an arbor, that allows sunlight to permeate the entire space. Classic fluted doric columns, support the arbor and add a nice visual weight. [MUSIC] Design to catch coastal breezes while keeping the elements out. This bungalow's cozy porch is protected by a roof with wide overhangs. Operable shutters allow control, over the amount of sun and shade. [MUSIC] Porches of craftsmen style bungalows are distinguishable by square columns, resting on brick or stone bases that go all the way to the ground. [MUSIC] This sprawling Louisiana French creole porch, is characterized by its steep roof and large masonry columns. This regional style is also known for its french doors that create integral connections between indoors and out. [MUSIC] When the porch spans across the entire front of the house, as with this shingle style home, the addition of a pediment adds visual interest and draws attention to the front door. [MUSIC] A front porch doesn't always have to be a walkway to the entry. This L shaped home takes advantage of its shape with a small porch in the recessed area. [MUSIC] Full porches upstairs and down, punctuate this stately Antebellum style home. A bumped out central entry formed a portico and is topped with a classical pedament. [MUSIC] Here instead of crowning a portico, the pediment is enlarged to be the entire front gable. Two tiered porches also work well with the unique shape of some folk Victorian style homes. Make the most of your additional square footage. While this lower porch only accommodates the entry, the gained upstairs space has plenty of room for a couple of seats. [MUSIC] Porches are also a great way to enhance the look and function of the back of your home. Double porches allow outside extensions of multiple rooms. Feel free to combine open air and screened areas. This home keeps it all balanced, by mimicking the design on top and bottom. [MUSIC] Choose a porch style that best fits your needs. This very coastal upper screened porch is supported by large brackets. It's in the clouds location allows better views of the nearby water. [MUSIC] For more beautiful porches, pick up a copy of Southern Living Magazine and visit SouthernLiving.com

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