Style Guide: Achieve Poolside Perfection

Assistant Home Editor Todd Childs will help you craft an idyllic retreat.


Hi. I'm Todd Charles, assistant homes editor for Southern Living. Alright, it's summer. And what would summer be without the pool? But it takes more than sunscreen and water wings to make poolside perfection. Here are some thoughts on creating a wonderfully, watery oasis. [MUSIC] No matter how great the pool is, you have to come out some times. A well appointed pool house is the perfect addition to make your pool a destination. [MUSIC] A porch or covered area offers a great spot for lounging in the shade, or waiting out that 30 minutes after eating. Furnished with comfortable waterproof seating, and a table for drinks. [MUSIC] A small refrigerator, ice maker, and sink are indispensable luxuries near the pool. Swimmers can easily duck in for a drink, without tracking all those wet foot prints across your kitchen floor. Hooks hold extra towels, or robes. [MUSIC] Wet swimsuits are no problem even in the sitting area. A sofa slip-covered in clean white canvas an a sizable rug are perfectly suited for breaks from the fun. An the space is also perfect for sleepovers for overnight guests. [MUSIC] Another great option for pool side cover is a vine covered arbor. This arbor covered in wisteria provides great shade in addition to beautiful color reflected in the pool surface. And occasional skimming during blooming season is the only concern. But no one ever said that beauty is effortless. [MUSIC] Unconventional decking around the pool can give it a whole new identity. The white decking around this coastal pool gives it the look of a great beach resort, while the sand underneath reinforces the beachy feel. [MUSIC] An arbor, canopied with canvas, offers shade without losing that open air feeling. Adding fabric panels to an arbor gives the structure a cabana-like appearance, and reinforces the resort feel. Low lounge-y furniture and large floor pillows insist on relaxation. Stay with soothing coastal colors like light blues and soft greens. It's as important to relax the eyes as it is the body. For more ideas on achieving poolside perfection, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine, and be sure to visit
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