Style Guide: Outdoor Architecture

Assistant Home Editor Todd Childs shares ideas for beautiful outdoor architecture details.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Todd Charles Associate [INAUDIBLE] Editor at Southern Living. Adding architectural elements to an out doors space always elevates the look and makes it seem more like a real room. Salvage gothic windows with the glass removed and mounted at one end gives this porch great visual interest, but does not block the view of the garden beyond. This gives this whole garden a layered dimensional look. [MUSIC] Sometimes it's nice to have the idea of a structure, even if we don't need protection from the elements. Pergolas are a fantastic way to define a cozy spot on the lawn. Plant vines like wisteria or jasmine, that will grow up and over or leave it bare. Create a seating or dining area underneath. Regardless of how you use it, it adds an interesting focal point in the yard, and makes the spot a destination. [MUSIC] Another structural thought for your outdoor space is a garden folly. Even on a small lot a garden folly can not only be a great escape but an equally great focal point in front of the house. Exposed studs and rafters, along with a mismatched collection of furniture and accessories can give our little retreat a look of weathered opulence. Small structures like this are a great opportunity to create a little fantasy space. Think of it as a clubhouse for adults. [MUSIC] If you're renting, or just don't want to commit to commit to building a permanent structure, tents or cabanas are a really clever alternative. There are lots of choices for fabric colors or patterns. And they can be taken down seasonally or moved from place to place in the yard as you see fit. This cabana offers curtains that can be pulled back or closed on one or more sides to provide shade or privacy. [MUSIC] But sometimes you and mother nature just need a little alone time. This smaller changing tent makes a perfect spot for one in a private corner and is perfectly suited for a single chair to tuck inside. [MUSIC] One last thought, don't be scared to try. Can you believe that this, became this? All it took was a little vision. Well. It took some work too, but it certainly started with vision. Starting from scratch may not be the best bet. It's always a great idea to look at what you have and try to repurpose when it comes to creating a create outdoor room. Maybe that old tool shed is ready for a new life. Why don't you head on out there and check it out? [MUSIC] For more ways to find your outdoor style, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine. And be sure to visit [MUSIC]
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