Using Neutral and Solid Pieces of Fabric

Our home editor, Jennifer Kopf, shares her tips and ideas for decorating your home by using neutral and solid pieces of fabric.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi I'm Jennifer Kopf Home Editor for Southern Living Magazine. When it comes to fabrics, solids and neutrals are far from boring. There are many interesting textures and weaves to choose from, and some of the simplest fabrics are the most luxurious. [MUSIC] With neutrals it's all about the touch. Layering the textures of nubby linens, tactile wovens and soft mohair gives the room a warm, sophisticated look. [MUSIC] Tone on tone patterns add visual interest but don't scream for attention. They're a great option for upholstered chairs or pillows on a solid sofa. Pale yellows and greens can also function as neutrals. Combine these lighter shades for a soft pretty look in a nursery or bedroom. Nothing says summer more than simple white sheers blowing in the breeze. They're a great scene setter at a beach house or on a screened porch. No adornment necessary. Crisp whites work well as a counterpoint to saturated color on walls. A bright throw pillow ties the two together. [MUSIC] Using a colorful solid on a single or poster chair or window treatments, as a happy punch of color in an otherwise, quiet room. Even fabrics with a subtle design, such as a lattice or other geometric can work like solids. Combine solids to create one of a kind window treatment. [MUSIC] You can take advantage of less expensive fabric choices but still have an eye catching design. This is also a great way to give unembellished store bought panels a unique look. One of the best things about using solids is that you can really have fun with the details. Choose inexpensive solids when you need a lot of yardage, and save your pennies for the small details that will really make a difference. Choose an interesting trim to add to curtains or pillows or add a monogram for a personal touch. [MUSIC] Eco friendly fabrics are increasingly becoming an attractive option. Look for organic cotton that use environmentally friendly dies and aren't treated with chemicals during processing. Natural lemon doesn't need any harmful processing and is usually an earth friendly pick. While usually needed, the color options are getting better, but a good choice is to take advantage of the fibers natural hues and accent with a pretty trim. Use neutrals to bring comfort, simplicity and style to any room of your home. For more design tips, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine, and visit
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