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Attention shoppers: New and improved, this product does more than just add color. Spruce up your decor in a snap.

Fact: Spray paint is like gourmet coffee. You can have it in so many different ways; it's mind-bending. Colors and finishes vary widely, and some are specially designed to stick to fabric, glass, and metal. To help you navigate through the DIY aisle, here are our favorite new ways to use spray paint.

Glass Acts
Glass containers or tabletops can be given a coat of color with certain spray paints (check the product for approved surfaces). Paint the underside of a glass-top table or the inside of a glass vase that you use as decoration only--not as a container for flowers. (If the painted surface comes in direct contact with water for a long period, the paint will flake off.)

Wake Up Your Wicker
Dated, dried-up wicker comes back to life when you give it a coat of yellow, blue, red, or green paint. Clean the item with warm water and soap before you repaint it. Also, spray primers can help the paint adhere better, while varnish and polyurethane sprays protect natural wicker from water and stains. Try Krylon's Clear Wood Finishes, which can also be used on plastics, ceramics, and metal.

Getting Crafty
If indoor projects are more your speed, spray paint with fun finishes, such as metallic, suede, stone, and pearl, can give ordinary items a new look. Try one of these products on mirrors or picture frames and lamp bases or on small pieces of furniture, such as wooden stools or chairs. Chalkboard paint is also available in an easy-to-use spray. If you're a real craft queen, you can find sprays that create a stained glass effect on paper, add glitter, or preserve photographs and scrapbook pages.

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