Hand-Printed Fabrics

Photo: David Hillegas
Southern designers are giving hand-printed fabrics a fresh, one-of-a-kind look.

1. Dallas, Texas
Designed by Michelle Nussbaumer Textiles.
BUY IT: Sultanxa in Cedar and Royal, $85/yard (2 yard minimum); ceylonetcie.com

2. Chattanooga, Tennessee
Designed by Love and Squalor.
BUY IT: Citrus in Blueberry on white, $60/yard; etsy.com/shop/yourloveandsqualor

3. Montgomery, Alabama
Designed by Coleman Taylor Textiles.
BUY IT: No. 100 in Weave/Natural-Graphite Paint, $325/yard (3 yard minimum); colemantaylortextiles.com

4. Athens, Georgia
Designed by Block and Brayer.
BUY IT: Prairie Flowers in Anise (above) and XOs in Midnight (below), $125/yard (3 yard minimum); blockandbrayer.com

5. Arlington, Virginia
Designed by Jackson Fabric Arts.
BUY IT: Dragon Eyes in Grey, $50/yard (2 yard maximum); etsy.com/shop/jacksonfabricarts

6. Thomson, Georgia
Designed by Sara Lee Parker Textiles.
BUY IT: Flying Geese in Pink/Rust, $60/yard; saraleeparker.info

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