Southern Living and Lennox: The 2015 Idea House

Southern Living used Lennox to create a comfortable environment at the 2015 Idea House in Charlottesville, VA.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jayson Collyer. I'm with Summit Custom Homes in Charlottesville, Virginia. We've been with the Southern Living Custom Builder program since 2008 and we were the builders of the 2015 idea house at Buckner Farm. [MUSIC] The 2015 idea house was meant to be a replica of a classic Virginia farm house. We used the Dave Lennox signature collection 2015 [UNKNOWN] house. It was really the compatibility of the icomfort thermostat, the iharmony Individual zoning systems that made that project a success. I'd say what's really unique and cutting edge about the ultimate comfort system is how it pulls data from your local area into the system and assesses things like humidity levels, pollen counts, all that various local data. And makes adjustments within the system [MUSIC] Any time you have that level of traffic through a house with doors opening and closing. It places incredible strain on a system to maintain a steady temperature throughout the house. And there was an incredible test of that system. And I would really attribute the success of it to the compatibility of the iComfort thermostat with the iHarmony individual zoning system. Being such an environment that's focused on nature and serenity. It's always nice to be able to rely on Lennox where they've got such a quiet system and it worked great and has continued to be our go to for a number of years. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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