Southern Living and Lennox: The 2013 Idea House

Lennox was the perfect fit for the 2013 Idea House in Nashville, Tennessee.


[MUSIC] My name's Alan Looney. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee. My company is Castle Homes and we have been a member of the Southern Living Custom Builder program for over seven years. And then were selected to build a southern idea house in 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. [MUSIC] It's like a U shape compound but basically, it's fast structures and three of the structure connected with 2700 square feet of porches. Their project was designed to be an N so, now it's called the N Inn at Fontanel. The House at Fontanel was designed as a space for entertaining. There are some large central public spaces, and a number of smaller private spaces, including guest rooms. [MUSIC] For the Southern Living Idea House for 2013, it was important for us to have a system that was gonna provide the flexibility to control Have a system that's gonna be reliable. So it's important to have a system that can adapt. [MUSIC] In the Idea House we used a Dave Lennox Signature Series and it was controlled by the iComfort system. The iComfort S30 Smart Away Mode uses GPS to adjust the comfort level in your home. That picks up your GPS on your phone. One you leave your home, it will automatically adjust the indoor air environment down to your level that helps you save energy. [MUSIC]. Air quality is a big part of comfort. And in the south, air quality is something that is, is very important. And people notice when. When it's too hot. When it's too humid. When there's too much pollen. The icomfort thermostat's a really unique system that's designed to allow the control of the indoor air quality from pollutants to humidity. It's designed to register the pollutants in the air outside therefore, being able to adjust the air indoors. To remove any kind of pollutants that would be in the air. [MUSIC] The comfort is something that is paramount when you're entertaining. You can't have a room full of people that are not comfortable. And we rely on Lennox to take care of that. [MUSIC]
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