The 2012 Idea House

John Bynum Custom Homes chose Lennox for the 2012 Idea House because of the high efficiency and technology offered by their systems.


[MUSIC] My company is John Bynum Custom Homes. We've been a member of the southern living customer builder program for 5 years now and in 2012 we built the southern living idea house. It's the first time that Southern Living had every used an existing house as one of its idea houses and not only was this house already existing, it was in need of a lot of work. There's some challenges everything structurally, trying to New materials to old materials, trying to preserve as much of the old as we can. As our designs evolved, we have found that Lennox is also evolving, and we can also count on them to bring us the most innovative products. We chose the Dave Lennox Signature Collection HVAC because we needed a very high efficiency unit. We also needed dehumidification and then we needed the technology of the day with wi-fi thermostats. [UNKNOWN] wi-fi works off of a smartphone. They're travelling, maybe their on an airplane, or at the airport, they can set the air, maybe they've turned it up to 78 or 80 degrees in the summertime, but when they generally set it at 72, so by the time they get there, it's just like it [UNKNOWN] What sets Lennox apart is their innovation in the marketplace, their service, their longevity. They're a trusted name and our consumers know the name Lennox, and they respect the name Lennox. We continue to use Lennox in the Southern Living Idea houses because our clients can always count on them to use the latest technology to provide comfort, air quality, efficiency, and quiet. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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