The 1989 Idea House

The Chathambilt family has been carrying on legacy and tradition since they built the 1989 Southern Living Idea House.


[MUSIC] I'm Gabe Chatham, a member of Chatham Built Homes. And I'm Myles Chatham. And between the two of us with our younger brother we're the third generation in our family business. At Chatham Built Homes, we are very proud of that heritage that we have [MUSIC] And we love to partner with other companies, other organizations that have that same type of heritage. And we see that with Lennox. That's what makes them such a terrific partner. I think, for us, we love the family stories. And so, for Lennox, that certainly resonates with us. And we see a company with great continuity. With a long standing reputation and high quality products, and a great service record. And in the end you know we're an extension of these companies to our customer. If they ever have an issue it's us that they contact. And so we want to know we've got a great partner like Linux behind us with a great reputation like we strive to have and build on through the generations. It's been really interesting even as our family business has grown to see the level of development and service with Linux. So we see the technology, how it's developed, and everything from How the homeowner can access all of their heating and air needs, even humidity levels from any distance, any place in the world. One of the great things about working with Linux is the quality of their dealer network. And there's a standard among the performance of each of these guys. So if we're building in a different part of town. We know that we're gonna get the same type of expertise from each of their dealer. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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