Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Soothing hues and luscious textures set the tone for an elegant holiday.

Scout out shady corners of your garden for lush mats of moss to create this easy wreath. Supplement with store-bought moss as needed.

• 18-inch FloraCraft straw wreath
• 4 bags of sheet moss or moss from the garden
• hot-melt glue gun
• 3 bags of variety-pack moss (such as mood, reindeer, or lichen) or mosses and lichens gathered from the yard
• florist pins
• 1 yard of 3-inch-wide satin ribbon

To Make
1. Cover a straw wreath with sheets of moss, hot-gluing into place.

2. Strategically place large, thick pieces of moss (such as mood moss) next. Hot-glue in place, and secure with florist pins. Fill in with small patches of reindeer moss and lichen.

3. Loop satin ribbon over the bottom of the wreath, and tie it in a knot.

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