Selecting Countertops

Learn how these homeowners picked the best countertop materials for their kitchen.


Hello, we're the Allisons. Welcome to our kitchen. I'm Susan, this is James. We redid our kitchen about a year ago, and we wanna share it with you. The starting point for the decorating of this room was the counter-tops, which, for me, was the hardest decision because there are so many choices and they all have pros and cons. But, we really wanted an elegant touch in this room because you walk right into this room when you enter our home. So, we started with this marble, this is a crema marfil, marble. Very durable, we love the light color of it, and the soft veining, its not a busy look, its a very soothing, calm look, we chose the background color of the marble to dictate the palette for really the entire room. We went with the monochromatic palette which gave a great overall blending to the room, it just opened it up, I wanted it light but not stark.
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