Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Give your door a festive nod to the decor star of the season with this evergreen tree wreath. 

This tree made of fresh greenery offers an alternative to the traditional round wreath without sacrificing fragrance. To shape your tree, trim the foliage using clippers.

• bamboo stake, cut into 3 pieces: 2 (15-inch) lengths and 1 (12-inch) length
• clippers
• florist paddle wire
• Gorilla Glue
• mixed greenery and twigs
• 9 small pinecones
• 1 foot of 1-inch-wide satin ribbon

To Make
1. Form a triangle with bamboo stake pieces. Secure ends by wrapping with florist paddle wire. Add a drop of Gorilla Glue to wrapped ends to reinforce.

2. Create 5-inch-long bundles of mixed greenery, and secure to frame with florist paddle wire. For a full wreath, alternate bundles on the inside and outside of the frame while working in one direction. Foliage should point up. At the bottom of the wreath, work out from the center. Wrap wire around pinecones, and tie them to the wreath to embellish, if desired.

3. Fashion a trunk by wiring together twigs, and then wire the bundle onto the base of the wreath. Wrap the bundle with ribbon, and tie in a bow.

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