Put the Fun Into Wrapping Presents

Charles Walton IV / Styling: Alan Henderson
Use these festive wrapping techniques to liven up your holiday gifts.
  1. Wrap boxes with interesting papers, using folded strips as ribbons. Place oversize paper stars and paper ornaments on boxes. (Find great looks at www.paper-source.com.) Crisscross ribbon on top of boxes instead of underneath.
  2. Cover a small box with paper. Tape ribbon around the center, and place a potted topiary inside. Top with moss.
  3. Wrap containers with green paper; tape in place. Attach a strip of red paper around the middle. Tie colorful cording in a simple knot in front. Fill with bunches of hypericum berries.
  4. Embellish books and journals with wrapping paper. Display holiday-hued reading material on shelves and coffee tables.
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