Pastel Colors: Pretty Master Bath

This couple begins each day surrounded by a spectrum of springtime colors.

Some rooms just beg for a soft paint palette. Take a master bath, for instance. Would you rather start your day being jarred awake by a loud and raucous array of pigments, or by easing into your routine amid more pleasing surroundings?

For Brad and Hydee Hawkins, of Lexington, Kentucky, the latter was definitely the way to go. "We were looking for a color that would welcome us each morning," says Brad. In their search, the couple selected a soft lavender hue for the walls that they call periwinkle. Their choice was also influenced by the stainless steel details found within the bath, from the sink faucet and claw-foot tub hardware to the cabinet pulls and sconces above the vanity. "The shine of these metal objects reflected our desire for a clean, airy space," explains Hydee, "and the periwinkle is a perfect complement."

To keep things even more fresh and inviting, architect Graham Pohl added a white beaded-board wainscot at different heights around the room. The porcelain-tile flooring resembles limestone and ties the various materials together. The shower is lined with white tiles accented by periwinkle inserts depicting flowers and frogs.

With the look established, Brad and Hydee added accessories in complementary hues to complete the serene space.

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