Painted Floors Step-by-Step

New hardwood floors added warmth to the mostly white kitchen but still felt empty. Jessica decided to mimic the look of a rug by painting a trellis pattern on the floor using painter's tape and oil-based floor enamel.


I'm Jessica Thuston, Executive Editor of Southern Living. An easy and inexpensive way to add interest to your kitchen, is to paint a pattern on your wood floors. Here's how I did it in my own kitchen. [MUSIC] The first step, is to find the center of your floor. I did this by taking two measuring tapes, and finding the exact middle point. And then I took a 12 inch linoleum tile from the hardware store, and placed it right over the center. I started with that center tile and worked out from there, taping as I went along, every 2 inches. I taped all four sides and then afterwards, went back with a razor blade to make sure, all the edges were sharp, and to cut off any overlapping tape, so it was an exact diamond square. It's important to use a good quality painters tape, I used the Scotch Edge Lock painters tape and it made a huge difference in making sure, no paint seeped under the edges. Next, I sanded all the spots that I was going to paint, with just a sanding block. Then, I used a primer, to prime all the areas that were gonna be painted. A good tip here, is to make sure that you tint your primer as close as possible, to the color of paint you're gonna use, so that if any shows through, it's as close as possible, to that color of paint. And finally, it's time to start painting. I went as slowly as possible to make sure, I stayed within the tape. The floor paint I used was an oil-based enamel, that's especially formulated for floors, it's more durable, and can withstand foot traffic. I put down two coats and let each one dry, a full 12 hours in between, to cure. Finally, the fun part comes, and you get to rip up all the tape, to reveal your finished painted floor. To seal the floor and make it even more durable, I added a final coat of polyurethane, with a brush. The best thing about a painted floor is that, it only gets better with age. [MUSIC] For more great design tips, check out Southern Living.
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