Paint Tips & Tricks

Turner Carroll shares her favorite tips and tricks for painting in your home.


Hi, I'm Turner Carroll, associate decorating editor at Southern Living. Paint is a wonderful decorative tool. The options are truly endless. Add interest to any ceiling by painting stripes. Choose three coordinating colors ranging from light to dark. Liven up a forgotten spot or hidden nook with a whimsical paint treatment. Alternate complimentary shades of paint to customize plain cabinet doors. Give your ceiling an extra pop by painting a medallion around your light fixture. There are several tips and tricks out there to help amateur painters. I found the most basic to be the most helpful. Prepping each surface before you begin painting is really crucial. Putty all holes, caulk any gaps. And don't forget to sand down rough spots. A smooth finish is necessary to achieve a great end result. Transfer paint from it's original container to a handheld cup for easy mobility around the room. Use angled brushes for trim work, and flat ones are great for large areas, such as walls. Painter's tape is a must if you have the time. But remember, let the paint dry before removing it.
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