Choose the right neutrals with tips from our expert, Turner Carroll.


Hi, I'm Turner Carroll, Associate Decorating Editor at Southern Living. Neutrals are the chameleons of color, adaptable in any environment. They have the versatility to create really soothing, serene backdrops or rich, dramatic interiors. They can truly be used in any room in your home. Bedrooms are the ideal spot for neutral paint colors. They invoke a sense of calm and rest. It's great to add interest and texture by layering patterns. Bedrooms are also the perfect spot to play up tone on tone neutrals. Subtle, soft variations of cream and taupe can make this bedroom an ultimate peaceful retreat. Neutrals vary from warm to cool tones. Play up the warm tones by adding golden accents, or update simple sofas by scattering pillows with colorful patterns. Pairing natural elements such as wood paneled walls with natural colors will allow textures and finishes to really shine. Another way to add unexpected contrast is to paint your window sashes a dark brown that complements the brown accents in the room. Warm neutrals can be balanced with black accents. Use them to create an inviting, dramatic living space. Cool tones evoke a totally different feel from warm tones. For a clean, serene feel pair them with silvers, mirrors, and even light woods. Neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for colorful collections and accessories. Use them to really show off your prized possessions. Of all the neutrals, white is probably the most flexible to work with. Whether you bathe your room in it or you just use it to accentuate certain elements, it can be used in any interior. [MUSIC].
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