Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Get inspired by Kimberly's graphic take on a classic red-and-white theme.

Hometown: Dallas

Southern hostess essential? A smile—even when things aren't perfect!

Best way to make guests feel welcome? Make introductions. Don't just give names—share an interesting tidbit about each person, and tell why you're excited for them to meet.

Favorite party staple? Crème Brûlée Almonds from Squirrel Brand, based in McKinney, Texas. They are delicious and always a hit.

Dream dinner party guest? Dolly Parton. She is never without a smile and something clever to say.

What's your china pattern? I'm a collector. For Christmas, Grenadiers by Bernardaud. Other days, Chinese Bouquet Rust by Herend.

Time-saving tip? I always set the table the day before.

Least favorite part of party planning? Editing the guest list! I inherited a "the more the merrier" attitude from my parents. We always had a full house.

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