Meet the Designer: Tobi Fairley

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Hometown: Hampton and Sheridan, Arkansas. (I claim both!)

My trademark: Riveting color and pattern

Colors you need now: Orange, bright yellow, and Kelly green are my standby hues, but I'm also currently loving lavender and cobalt blue.

Fave fabric motifs: Overscale florals and geometrics, fretwork patterns, and bold stripes

Go-to paint colors: Silvermist (7621) is a gorgeous pale blue, and Wool Skein (6148) is a great neutral and goes with everything.

Entry secrets: A foyer sets the tone for what's to come, so go all out with wallpaper or paint. Because it's a less frequented space, you're not as likely to tire of it.

Southern style is... Inviting, welcoming, cozy, hospitable, and often full of color. Southerners aren't afraid to go bold with their favorite hues.

Style icon: The late designer Dorothy Draper! I share her love for color, pattern, and scale.

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