Meet Designer Missi Ervin

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
A Charleston designer and registered South Carolina architect who embraces both durability and elegance.

Hometown: Mayesville, SC

Occupation: Owner, Melissa Ervin Interior Design in Charleston, SC

Trademark: Interiors with a neutral foundation and a layer of color and pattern on top

Inspired By: Fashion—for color and pattern

Favorite Shopping Source: The Charleston Artist Collective for amazing small pieces of affordable artwork. The group also donates a percentage to local nonprofits.

Right Now I'm Loving: Textured wallpaper, vintage bamboo furniture, and shagreen accessories

Go-To Paint Color: Matchstick (2013) by Farrow & Ball. It's a great neutral with some life.

Southern Style Is: Silk damask, hydrangeas in silver mint julep cups, family photos in sterling silver frames, and oil portraits of family members

Favorite Decorating Tip: Add wallpaper to the backs of bookshelves for depth and warmth.

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