Maximizing Kitchen Storage

These homeowners share tips and tricks that they used to add storage to their kitchen space.


[BLANK_AUDIO] When we were planning the tall elements on either end, we were trying to maximize storage in these parts. So, we built in a pantry on one end of the kitchen with pocket doors [NOISE] that can go back into the wall. And save a little space. Get out of everybody's way walking in from the den. This was a great spot for the microwave. Instead of having it take up the precious counter space, we hid it in this built in pantry. Instead of all cabinets underneath the counter tops we put in a lot of drawers to maximize the storage space. You can actually get more in when you have. More drawers and big deep drawers. This one goes with our office area, so it keeps everything handy. We made sure that all of the drawers extend all of the way out. Yeah. From the wall so things don't get lost in the back. By using the drawer instead of the cabinet works out really well because when you open the drawer you're looking down. In to the, in to the drawer and you can see everything that's in the drawer as opposed to a cabinet that you have to open and, and get down in to look in, so it, it makes the space a little more efficient.
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