Making a Small Kitchen Appear Larger

See how this galley kitchen renovation makes the room feel more spacious.


[BLANK_AUDIO] One thing we did to open up the room, and give it a little bit more space, was to kinda lay out the appliances a little more efficiently. And especially to build in several big appliances that normally chop up the room. The dishwasher's all built in flush. The refrigerator is built in flush. It's counter depth. Instead of having this big thing over in the corner, it's now just this cabinet over here that, that compliments the computer cabinet and the pantry cabinet. So, it, it makes the whole room less chopped up and a little more streamlined and flow a little better. We replaced a fake, red brick linoleum floor with hardwood for that continuity and flow to the adjoining rooms. We specified that the hardwood floors be laid perpendicular to the shape of the room to create that Subtle, extra whiff in the room. We did the same thing with the ceiling, we added beaded board light perpendicular to the length of the room. One thing we were trying to get in the middle of the room especially is that whiff and added depth going this way. And so, we put the glass fronts in the cabinets. Plus I get to see my China I love. And we, painted the backs of the cabinets darker. We pulled the color out of the vaining of the marble and it's actually the same color as my dining room which is right off at the kitchen. So that these rooms. Also flow. Also we use the glass fronts in the cabinets on this side of the kitchen which is the inside to reflect the light from coming through from the kitchen window. So we got a little bit of a, a bigger appearance. Almost like having a mirror on this wall over here to make the whole kitchen look a little bit bigger than it really is.
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