Living Room Media Solutions

Integrate electronics into the décor of your room with style.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Cuff, Home Editor at Southern Living. [MUSIC] New technology has opened up a whole world of media that is a lot more decorating friendly. Today's flat paneled TVs take up much less room, and are altogether better looking. But while you no longer have a big obtrusive box that you feel obligated to hide. It's still important to consider how your television is integrated into your room. A flat screen TV's thin size means that many more built in bookshelves can accommodate them. Customize the height of your shelves to make room for the television and any other related equipment. This option allows the TV to remain out in the open, without having to be front and center. It also works well when you want to have the fire place and TV on the same wall, but don't want to hang it above the mantle. [MUSIC] You can also customize this single cabinet to accommodate your electronics. Here, a small coffee table that was just the right size for holding the television. Was fitted inside a larger existing cabinet. Most new televisions are designed to be wall mounted. If you go this route, consider hanging an arrangement of art on a perpendicular wall to balance the visual weight of the television. This also helps to draw the eye away from the black hole when the TV is turned off. [MUSIC] For those of us who still prefer the TV to be tucked away, there many creative options. The most common of all, of course is to hide it behind closed doors. Bulky or more are becoming less common. But closed front cabinets are still a good option for hiding the TV and providing extra storage. Again the thinner profile of new televisions allows more flexibility in the style and size of the cabinet you use. [MUSIC] Some companies are designing new pieces of furniture that incorporates a lift system. You can also have a local cabinet or furniture maker retrofit a piece you already have to do the same thing. Take advantage of your wall depth and have a local builder design a recessed built in system. Asses your needs in space and have fun collaborating. It can be a small cabinet that holds only your television or it can incorporate a combination of closed storage and open shelving for books and accessories. When this paneled wall is closed no one would ever guess there is a television hidden inside. If you choose to install your flat screen above your mantle. Consider hanging a painting in front of it. This way you have the best of both worlds. A good view of the televiosion that also allows you to take in the fire. And a pretty piece of art to admire when the TV is turned off. This homeowner crafted a rod system to allow the artwork to slide back and forth. Several companies offer hardware that allows you to accomplish somehting similar. For more great ideas on television display, pick up a copy of Southern Living and visit [MUSIC]
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