Laurey W. Glenn

Color ties this bathroom in with the laundry room and bedroom.

Baths, closets, and bedrooms have long gone together. But, increasingly, laundry rooms are becoming part of the package. It only makes sense: You generate and store most of your laundry in and around these areas, so why not locate a washer and dryer there too?

That’s what Beaufort, South Carolina, homeowners Steve and Susan Horne did with the help of designer Stephen Litchfield. With clever planning and pocket doors, they linked their bedroom, bath, closet, and laundry room to create a multifunctional space.

The Hornes wanted a timeless look in the newly designed area. Vanities and accessories at one end of the bath feature classic details. 

In the laundry room, they used the same color palette―crisp white and lavender―and tile floor to tie the two spaces together.

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