Make the Most of Kitchen Storage

This homeowner shares the storage solutions that she found for her small cottage kitchen.


This kitchen is very small so one of our biggest concerns was storage space which is why these open shelves are so great. They're sleek, stainless steel to match our appliances. And it's great in the morning to just grab a coffee cup and it's right there. It's accessible. Plus it looks really nice with our patterned dishes. We can have those on display. It sort of acts as artwork. This kitchen doesn't have a traditional closet pantry, so when you have limited space, you have to be really creative. Our pantry is underneath the bar. We took this tablecloth that we bought at a retail store, turned it into a skirt with some hooks and a rod and that's our pantry. Another really great idea that we had from Heather Chaddick were for these great pot racks. We screwed in eye hooks, used natural fiber rope, and then these other hooks that we found at the hardware store, all of that makes a pot rack so easy to take 'em on and off. And it's extra storage that we didn't have.

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