Galley Kitchen Makeover

These homeowners share how they tackled unexpected issues during their kitchen makeover.


One of our original objectives was to make the layout of the appliances a little more symmetrical, to help open up the room and also make it more efficient. We had to shift the original cooktop over about a foot, which seemed to be a very simple thing to do when we were laying out the plans. It's very easy to do on paper. What we found was, that it caused a huge problem with the vent hood. The original duct work in the ceiling was over there. And we wanted it, over here. And so, we found that we couldn't use any of the original duct work, and it created a huge problem with the layout of the joists in the ceiling. So, we had to compromise. And use an internal blower, which is louder but works just as well. This is one of the less expensive models from a really high-end company. So we got the quality, but without it being a gigantic, monstrous thing with more burners than we would ever use. One of my original concerns was the air conditioning duct work into the kitchen. We had several ducts up high. I was really concerned about how that was all gonna work out with the new design. What the contractor suggested, and it turned out to be a really great, nice, elegant suggestion, was just to put the vents way down in the base board. And have the air just coming out at your feet. The vents completely went away. They were no longer a part of the, the look of the kitchen. So it, w-, worked out quite well. The light fixtures were a happy accident because I had originally ordered these Edwardian fixtures that were really, long. We realized at midnight, one night, that these doors, would hit them when we opened them, so. Yeah. That was a problem. So we had to reorder a different fixture. And actually I like these better. The fact that they're not as long. Meant that they helped raise the eye up. They're not particularly tall ceilings. So we wanted that optical illusion of raising the eye up.

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