3 Kitchen Makeover Basics

Editor Lindsay Bierman shares lessons he learned from his own kitchen makeover.


There are three things that everyone needs to keep in mind when they're redecorating their kitchen, and these rules apply to any room of the house. But it's especially true in the kitchen, where you want things to look a little cleaner and a little more uncluttered. If you have trouble, deciding what colors and patterns to use in other rooms of your house. I know I do. I really recommend just, picking a very limited color palette, and don't let yourself stray from it. For example, I chose gray and white. Everything in this room, is gray and white. And if you think of, blue and white, red and white, classic combinations, that always look good, that make you happy. That make you look good, then, you can never go wrong. You're always gonna have a cohesive look. The second rule of thumb is, to think in terms of simple contrasts. In this case, you're looking at, new and old. Modern and traditional. Shiny surfaces and matte surfaces that applies to, matte. Cabinetry with semigloss paint on the walls, and semigloss marble counter tops. So thinking in terms of simple contrast gives you a nice variation of texture that really brings the room to life. The third thing is to break the first rule that I just told you about sticking to a very limited color palette. But only break it in one or two places. In my case, I included these really quirky driftwood lamps on the counter tops and some colored pottery that I really love, really to give the room some personality and to prevent it from being too sterile.
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