Saving Money on your Kitchen Makeover

Use these tips and techniques to save money on your kitchen renovation.


One way that we saved money in this kitchen renovation, was to keep the existing upper cabinets and replace the doors and the hardware. Now they look so clean and simple, where before they just looked out dated, and they were really dark. We asked our carpenter to build these really cool doors to hide our laundry space. And he built them to match the v-groove paneling that's on the walls. So it's, it's seamless. Heather Chadick is full of ideas, she helped us a lot. We wanted a big fancy vent hood. But we didn't want to pay the fancy vent hood price. So she had a great idea. We got an exhaust fan from the home improvement store, very, very inexpensive. And asked our carpenter to build a this simple wooden structure around it. It really draws attention it it and makes it look more high dollar than it is. One way that we saved money during this kitchen renovation, was to do all of the painting ourselves. And when we got to the ceiling and we were painting against this v groove paneling, we realized we didn't have a straight line. So we used caulk to create that straight line, and it gave us a really pretty finished look.

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