Creating a Breakfast Nook

Editor Lindsay Bierman shares how he used a corner in his kitchen to create dining space.


I'm sitting in front of my favorite piece of furniture. It's a classic mid-century icon. Designed by Saarinen. And it really goes in any room of the house. What I like about it as a dining table for a kitchen, is that it's pretty much indestructible. Very durable laminate finish. And you can get this from several catalog sources. I contrasted it with Louie the XVI style chairs. In order to not have it be too matchy, matchy. I didn't wanna mix a modern table with a modern chair so I went with something that has a little bit of a more masculine feel to it. You'll notice that there's a stainless steel nail head on the edge of this chair, next to a weld. And this helps it blend in with the rest of the appliances and the stainless steel in the kitchen. Food and water rolls right off of this fabric. It's much more durable than it looks. What I'm sitting on is a custom banquette that I had made for the space. I looked for an upholsterer who really knew how to do quality upholstery work. And usually when they are known for doing great upholstery work, they can do good custom pieces. This piece didn't cost me any more money, than it would if I had bought it from a catalog. It's just that the proportions are right for my space. It's covered in a blanket like material. Which is probably not the most practical thing for households with kids. But I wanted it to feel cozy and warm on a winter morning. On the floor, we have a faux cowhide rug. Which, has this free-form shape. That allowed me to position into the room in such a way, that I didn't have to sort of create this rectangle in a space that's otherwise totally irregular. The light overhead is a classic Tolomeo lamp. Which was blown up to a very large scale. The Tolomeo lamp you may know, is sort of the classic office desk lamp. It has an aluminnum shade. And an adjustable arm. This is just the same version of that light. But adding a parchment shade for a nice glow in the evening. It's a great thing for me. Because I didn't wanna have to put another hole in the ceiling. And again, because this is an irregular shaped space. I didn't wanna have to commit to having the pos, the table position in a specific location.
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