Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming. Try this simple mix for a festive look.

Fresh-smelling garland lends a nice natural look on the mantel. It drapes and swags well; plus, it's easy to accent. This mantel boasts a variety of intertwined greenery. Start with a plain pine garland, and then add some smaller cuttings of cedar, hemlock, and nandina. As Christmas gets closer, you may find that some of your greenery starts to dry out and the freshness fades. Incorporating different greenery sprigs in this way allows you to simply pull out the old and plug in some new to keep it looking fresh.

All That Ribbon
The trick to creating a display when adding ribbon is to mix designs. A shimmering sheer gold ribbon, a red-and-gold stripe, and a red-and-gold glittered filigree round out the patterns here. Two large bows were made with all three ribbons and tied to opposite ends of the mantel. The rest of the ribbon is cut into random-size pieces and attached to the garland with wire. Pooling extra ribbon on the floor hides the ends of the garland and acts as frame for the whole fireplace.

Pick Your Palette
Glenda and David Bryant of Anniston, Alabama, enjoy decorating for the season. Glenda likes to keep it simple and traditional but with a twist. The red and gold colors in the ribbons work well in the Bryants' living room and complement the rest of the space. Use the colors already in your room to inspire your holiday palette. Bottom line: You want decorations to contribute to the overall style of your room, not detract from it.

How-to Tips
Click here to see instructions on how to create a bow. Double the amount of ribbon used to build a bow twice the size and on scale with the fireplace mantel, as shown here. This whole project uses about 40 yards of each ribbon. Prepare yourself by stocking up early.

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