January 2009 Sources

Where to find products and services featured in our magazine.

Cover in Style
Pages 58-60: Slipcovers by Kendrah White Galassi, Savannah, Georgia, www.savvysewing.com or (912) 695-5667; design by Jane Coslick, Jane Coslick Designs & Restorations, Savannah, www.janecoslick.com or (912) 354-8602. For information on Diane Kaufman’s vacation rental cottages in Tybee Island, Georgia, contact Mermaid Cottages, www.mermaidcottages.com or (912) 313-0784.

Loose-Leaf Masterpiece
Page 62: Interior design by Kimberly Harper, Kimberly Harper Interiors, Rogers, Arkansas, (479) 464-4111.

Imagine the Possibilities
Page 66: Design by Brad Speight, Albert F’s Home & Garden, Seaside, Florida, (850) 231-3497.

Quest for Color
Pages 80-83: Residential design and landscape architecture by Morgan Pierce, Grace Street Home Additions, San Francisco, California, www.gracestreet.com or (415) 342-6021; renovations and additions by Scott Ukrop, Grace Street Home Additions, Richmond, Virginia, (804) 232-0120; design by Susan Lankenau, Charlottesville, Virginia.

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