Set a Chic Table for Dinner Alfresco

Designer Jane Schwab of Circa Interiors & Antiques sets a sunny outdoor table in her back terrace.


[MUSIC] Hi! I'm Jane Schwab, with Circa Interiors and Antiques in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are sitting on our back terrace, under the loggia, between the house, and the guest house, the inspiration for this outdoor table setting was really the Korbel from the garden and these iceberg roses that I have growing as topiaries. In my garden. [MUSIC] I started with those as I say and then I realized that the corral and orange would be wonderful outdoors. I had this great quilt. We brought that out, and used it as a table topper over a more neutral linen, table skirt bottom. I had these great, chargers at circa so I brought those home. I love these [UNKNOWN] chargers they are this natural wood, they're just, very tangible and I just think Linda will friendliness to this table setting. I also like the mixing the [UNKNOWN] and the white. It kinda brings out these other colors in the quilt, and then I had these great [UNKNOWN] napkins with the monogram, with this wonderful [UNKNOWN]. Color that I though mixed in as well. [MUSIC] For the napkins, outdoors I usually just do something really simple. I take my square, I fold it in like that, and then I just fold them over, and put it so that the monogram or the appliqué will show up front like that. Walk out into your garden. Take a few flowers, set your dinning table, light some candles and enjoy the evening with your family or friends. [MUSIC]
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