Get to Know Charleston Interior Designer Angie Hranowsky

Photography: Laura Moss, Styling: Natasha Louise King
We caught up with Charleston interior designer Angie Hranowski to get her design insights.

Angie Hranowsky Design Studio
57 Cannon Street
Charleston, SC 29403 

Q: What are your go-to shopping stops?
I have two local favorites with the same owner: Antiques of South Windermere and 17 South Antiques.
Q: Any favorite online haunts?
That’s easy: and
Q: What makes a room Southern?
Freshly cut hydrangeas and lots of them.
Q: What is one thing every Southern home should have?
A friendly smile is my only expectation.
Q: What are three of your most-used design tips or tricks?
1. Paint is the least costly way to get the biggest transformation.
2. Mix up materials. If you have a lot of wood, try adding something glass. Mix up fabrics too—cotton with velvet, nubby with smooth.
3. It’s all in the details. For me, a room is not finished until it has art and accessories.
Q: Do you have a favorite paint color?
A few of my current favorites are Pratt & Lambert’s Heather Dusk (30-19), Grape Hyacinth (31-24), and Anubis (32-17).
Q: What are your top sources of design inspiration?
Travel, textiles, design magazines, and fashion.

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