How To Make a Terrarium

With a few tools and a fabulous thrift store find, its easy to make your own vintage-inspired terrarium.


[MUSIC] Hey guys we're at one of my favorite thrift stores I'm looking for a few things that we can make over lets go inside and see what we can find. Look at this $10 light fixture I just found its really close in shape a pricey terrarium in one of my favorite garden shops With just a little bit of love, I think we can make something really similar. Start by removing the electrical fixture. Most should just unscrew and come apart. I wanted to go for an antique look. So I used a little bit of brown paint to dab on the brass to make it look aged. You could also use a brass aging solution for the same effect. Next, assemble the terrarium. Start with an inch layer of river rocks. Now, fill the terrarium with two to three inches of cactus potting soil. Remove the first plant from it's container and loosen the roots with your hands. Choose a spot for the plant, and then dig a small hole. I chose to go with an asymmetrical composition, but you can choose whatever you like. You should just have fun with it. After you've planted all your succulents put some sand on top of the soil. For the finishing touch place a few rocks on top. Look at this I've taken a cheap and dated [UNKNOWN] and turned it into a beautiful antique terrarium. For more thrift store makeovers, check out Southern Living. [MUSIC]
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